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Poolside Basketball Hoops

Pool Hoop Pool Hoop Pool Hoop

One of the most popular poolside accessories is the pool basketball hoop. For whatever reasons, the combination of a hoop and rim plus water equals addictive fun. Not only is it one of the most popular and timeless poolside accessories, but a pool-side basketball hoop can be so multi-dimensional that it is impossible not to put it to use nearly every time you hit the pool.

Whether it be an entertaining family pool party or a competitive game of one-on-on, the poolside basketball hoop can be one of the most useful pool accessories you can own. Like all pool accessories though, there are tons of different types and different prices that can choose from, both with their own pros and cons that we’ve broken down for you to fit your wants and budget.

The “Combo” Hoop


• Light weight
• Mobile
• Low priced (est. *$25)
• Can be used for different games
(rings, ball toss, etc)


• Not very durable
• Hard to keep in place
• Relatively small
• Not as inclusive to larger group play

Poolmaster Splashback


• Affordable (est. $150)
• Relatively durable
• Large enough for groups
• Not overly bulky or heavy


• Not regulation
• Relatively small rim
• Difficult to use real basketball
• Not sturdy for rough play

Wing-it-Water Hoop


• One of the most durable
• Closest to regulation-size
• Can withstand competitive play


• Expensive (est. *$300+)
• Not mobile (190 lbs.)
• Unsuitable for children