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Swimming Pool Winter Tips

Indiana swimming pool owners do not have the luxury of leaving pools open all year round. All our pools are now dormant and properly winterized for the season. (Getting a pool properly winterized prior to the first hard freeze is a must!)  Unfortunately, with a pool a pool owner cannot  ‘close it and forget it’. There is still maintenance  that a every pool owner needs to keep in mind during the winter months.

1) Fight the urge to sneak a peak. Pool owners with auto-covers love to just keep checking on their pool water. Fight that urge. Opening an auto-cover when it is covered in snow and ice can cause premature aging, fabric tears, and track trouble . It is highly recommended that you do not open the cover unless the temperature is 50º or above. In addition, one should not open the cover while it has snow, ice, or water on it. (Doing so can void the warranty!)

2) Leave the Cover Pump On. Leave the cover pump on the cover at all times. Do not try to remove snow or ice off the cover. Wait for it to melt and the cover pump to kick on.

3) Add Water. Remember a cover rests on top of the pool water so it is very important to keep water at the proper level. Extra weight on the cover from heavy rains and/or snow can cause water to become displaced. Add water to the pool through the skimmer. If you notice the cover sagging more than normal, that is a good indication that the water level is too low.