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From Planning to Play – The Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Whether a seasoned pool owner or new to the world of pools, there are a lot of questions about the pool building process. To answer our customer’s questions and concerns, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. Every pool installation is different; therefore some of the information listed here may not be applicable in every case. Begin here to find answers to your general questions, and follow up with us for more details. We will keep you informed during every step of the installation process!

Do I have to pay for the estimate?

No, we provide a complimentary in-home estimate of costs. 

How long will the excavation take?

The average excavation will take one day, but this will be dependent, in part, on the specific design of your pool.

How will the pool be secured?

A steel/composite/Uniwall will be installed and concrete will be used to secure the structure. During this process, the pool bottom will be shaped and finished.

Do you use Fiberglass?

Yes, we can put up a Fiberglass pool shell.

What kind of plumbing do you use?

We use “Schedule 40” PVC pipes.

Who will install the wiring?

Only licensed electricians install wiring for the pumps and electrical breakers.

Do you have your pools inspected?

Indeed, we do. We always schedule city inspections before pools are complete, and again afterward.

When does the liner go in?

The liner you choose will be vacuumed into place after the first inspection of the pool structure.

When does the gas line for heating the pool go in?

We’ll take care of the gas line during other stages of the construction, before the liner is added.

What do you use for backfill?

We use a pea gravel backfill.

Do you have any other inspections besides the city inspection?

Yes, a bonding grid inspection is also conducted.

What finishing work can you do around the pool?

We can pour concrete walkways around the pool. In doing this, we will install sono tubes, pea gravel, deck braces, control joints, Nycon reinforcement, and 4000-PSI concrete. If concrete cracks after pouring, we will fix it.

What about the grade?

We will ensure that there is a rough grade, so water runs away from the pool. This is not a finish grade, ready for grass seed, though.

Can you install an auto cover?

Yes, we certainly can.

Do you clean up after you are finished?

Absolutely. A pool technician will make sure everything is in good order and all the finishing touches are complete.