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Is Your Grill Ready for Spring?

Now that winter’s over, it’s time to wake your grills up from hibernation and put them to use. Nothing says summer like sounds and smells a sizzling grill, and taking a few steps will produce perfect meals in no time.

4 Reasons an Outdoor Kitchen is a Backyard Must-Have

With summer now just around the corner, Pools of Fun recently added a new line of products to bolster your backyard: Outdoor Kitchens!With summer now just around the corner, Pools of Fun recently added a new line of products to bolster your backyard: Outdoor Kitchens! Just like a swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen is a great investment for your backyard.

Part II: What Makes a Bad Pool Contractor

Part II: What makes a Bad Contractor – Most bad contractors will tell you they have adequate insurance. But do they really? A bad contractor’s grass cutting and snow plowing coverage won’t cut it when their concrete truck runs over a city water meter pit, leaving you on the hook for the damages.

Why You Should Buy From a Qualified Pool Contractor — Not a Part Time Bad Contractor

A bad contractor is someone who professes to be “in the business” of providing a service to homeowners at a greatly discounted rate, often using cheaper products to get the job done. The reality is that a bad contractor will overpromise and under-deliver every time, leaving a homeowner unsatisfied and having to pay extra to get the job done right.

Health Benefits of Owning a Pool

As we near the end of a cold winter, the time is now to schedule an appointment with one of our Pools of Fun Design Centers to plan your pool for this spring. You know you’ve always wanted a pool, and it’s important to book it as soon as possible to ensure you maximize your swimming hours.

Let Our Design Team Make Your Backyard Dreams Come True

If the ice-cold temperatures are freezing your hopes of buying a pool this spring, warm up to the idea again by visiting our design center and beginning your outdoor transformation. Buying a pool is a huge decision with lots to think about. How much money can I spend? How can we fit this in our backyard? Will it ruin our landscaping? Is it even worth it? Put all your fears at ease by visiting our Design Center at our Plainfield Pools of Fun.