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We have been a “Top 50” Pool Builder in the nation for 12yrs

July Is A Great Time To Build a Pool — Read Why!

We hate to burst your summer bubble, but here’s a quick newsflash: it’s already mid-July, and we’re slowly running out of pool time. Even though it sure feels bittersweet to see the hot season is fly by, the good news is that we’ve still got ample days left to be outside and soak in the sun.

Father’s Day Savings at Pools of Fun!

Pools of Fun announces our annual Father’s Day Sale, running through the big day (June 19th!). We’re Indiana’s largest pool builder, and for 35 years we’ve provided the beautiful people of Central Indiana high-quality products and service on everything from pool installation, pool maintenance, and service.

Great Prices on Grizzly Coolers at Pools of Fun!

At Pools of Fun, we’ve cultivated the ultimate backyard experience for homeowners around central Indiana. That means pools, grills, accessories, outdoor kitchens and more. Through years of giving the people what they want, we added another necessity for everything from backyard parties, camping trips and fishing excursions: Grizzly Coolers!

Memorial Day Sale This Week at Pools of Fun

We’ve told you in the past that we love the month of May. The temperature is finally heating up, the sun is shining bright and the colors are vibrant. As excitement grows toward this upcoming weekend’s extended holiday, we’re putting our money where our mouth is with a huge sale extending all the way to Memorial Day. We have all you need for the world’s best pool party in stock.

A Great Time To Be Outside in Indiana

Having served Central Indiana for over 30 years, we know how important the month of May is to our community. But as the work picks up for us as Indiana’s number one pool builder, the fun is just beginning for Hoosiers. Here’s why you should get excited!

Is Your Grill Ready for Spring?

Now that winter’s over, it’s time to wake your grills up from hibernation and put them to use. Nothing says summer like sounds and smells a sizzling grill, and taking a few steps will produce perfect meals in no time.

4 Reasons an Outdoor Kitchen is a Backyard Must-Have

With summer now just around the corner, Pools of Fun recently added a new line of products to bolster your backyard: Outdoor Kitchens!With summer now just around the corner, Pools of Fun recently added a new line of products to bolster your backyard: Outdoor Kitchens! Just like a swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen is a great investment for your backyard.