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4 Recommended Tips for Pool Safety

The best pool is a safe pool. Making sure your loved ones are having fun in a secure environment is of paramount importance, both for your guests and for your peace of mind. Make sure you brush up on tips and recommendations each summer to make your pool as safe as possible. Here are just […]

BioGuard® Pool Complete™ Makes Your Pool Shine!

The warm weather has arrived and the time is here to enjoy your pool. You’ve been patient, put in considerable work to prep for summer and you’re finally ready to create that first big splash. And you deserve it. Be proud of yourself! You added the right amount of chlorine to destroy your pool’s bacteria. […]

Pools of Fun Pool Schools In Session for April 2016

Pools of Fun is proud to announce that our 2016 Pool School series is returning to our 5 convenient locations around Indianapolis between April 25-29 (see store details below). Because the spring months are so critical to maintaining a perfect pool throughout the summer, we want to give you the opportunity to freshen up on […]

Is it Time for a New Pool Heater?

There is nothing better than taking a dip in a pool after a long day. In fact, it’s pretty much the sole reason you decided to install one in your backyard in the first place! That feeling of dipping your toes in the water is even more satisfying when it’s still a bit chilly, and […]