October 2010 - Pools of Fun Owner Community

Spooky-Chic Halloween Party

If you’re thinking of hosting a Halloween party this year, try some of these non-traditional party tips. Do away with orange and black: white is the new spooky-chic! Make sure to send us pictures when you’re done!

Be Water Aware: Spit out the gum!

Spit out your gum! Can you guess why swimming and chewing gum just don’t mix? Find out here and be water aware.

Paper Pumpkin Craft

Hello autumn and hello fall decorations! We have a craft for you and your little ones that will work perfectly during all the fall holidays.

Want to Improve Your Golf Swing While in the Pool?

Generate the strength you need to be an excellent golfer by swimming laps and “swinging” in your pool. When you practice your golf swing in the pool, no one can see if you miss the ball, which is also an added benefit.