Rain Rain Pump Away

Rain Rain Go Away! As a pool owner, we need to remember the mantra Rain Rain Pump Away. Rain water collecting around your pool area can cause you some pool problems. Here are some pool tips to keep in mind when the rain hits:

  • Always keep your cover pumped off to prevent damage to your pool and for safety purposes. All our stores carry cover pumps in-stock.
  • Do NOT try to open an Automatic Safety Cover when water is on it.
  • Remember to check your sump pit and keep the water pumped out and away from the pool to prevent problems.
  • Check your water level by lifting up the skimmer lid. The water level should be at least mid-way up the skimmer. Water in your pool can become displaced from rain, snow, and ice accumulating on your cover.
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2 Responses to Rain Rain Pump Away

  • June 21st, 2011 at 3:01 pm Linda Dernier posted:

    Well, the sump pit filled before we could pump it out, then after pumping it and the auto cover off, all 4 corners of the liner are popped out, not going back in easily, is there a secret to getting them back in the groove correctly?

    Also, many air pockets have now appeared on the pool floor and walls….. Help !

    • June 21st, 2011 at 7:57 pm Pools of Fun posted:

      There is a trick to tucking a liner. It is most helpful it to attempt it on a hot sunny day which can help make the liner more pliable. Call our service department at 1-888-766-5832 for further details and help.

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