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Pool Services

First Class Service

Pools of Fun has an award-winning service department. Our pool technicians are APSP-Certified. We are dedicated to servicing all of your pool needs from repairs to renovations. We want to help make your pool ownership an enjoyable experience.

Pool Openings

Pools of Fun “Express Opening” services includes the following: remove and fold cover, drain water tubes; install rail goods, remove winterization plugs and gizmos; reassemble and start up pump, filter, heater; repair minor leaks; prepare heater for operation and test fire. Your technician will advise you if further repairs will be needed. We will repair and replace minor parts to complete start up. Any additional parts required will be billed separately. See opening agreement for services provided. A signed agreement is required prior to service.

Complete Drain & Fill (“Reset”)

Pools of Fun “Drain and Fill” service is primarily utilized in cases where your pool water has turned “septic”, wrinkles have developed in the vinyl liner, and/or pool water chemistry has become unmanageable. This service includes the following: drain water from pool; sanitize and clean pool surface; an attempt to remove float wrinkles after a high water event if necessary; fill pool with fresh water.

Partial Drain & Fill

This is primarily for customers with pools that are high in CYA, TDS, or simply wish to freshen up the water a little. We will drain about half the water from the pool and refill. Sometimes, this process can be done 2 or 3 times to further dilute the water. Use the Drain & Fill agreement, required prior to service.

Autocover Tune-up

Our Certified Autocover Specialist will evaluate your cover’s fabric and webbing; remove he cover and clean the recessed box; evaluate and make necessary repairs to your castings, tracks, sensors, stops, guides, gliders, pulleys. In addition they will evaluate and make necessary repairs to motor and drive mechanisms; center/align/level mechanism; check/replace/tighten all fasteners; align travel of fabric; evaluate and clean cover pump; check/bend lid brackets.  Automatic pool covers should have an autocover tune-up at least once a pool season to prevent premature aging, wear and tear.

Liner Replacements

A new liner can transform the look of your pool into a spectacular showcase. Our custom liner installations and a variety of updating options can make your pool look like new again.

Salt System Inspection & Cleaning

An APSP Certified Technician will remove and inspect your salt cell, soak in acid if necessary; install sample valve if necessary; re-install cell and check for chlorine production. In addition, they will bring a water sample back for analysis.

Sand Change

Replace sand in a sand filter; check/repair all internal components; valve, and gauge.

Cartridge Filter Cleaning

A Certified Technician will remove cartridges and bring them back to Pools of Fun. Your cartridges will be agitated and soaked overnight in warm water detergent to remove organic matte. Then cartridges are rinsed and soaked in acid bath to remove mineral matter. Finally your cartridges are rinsed again and returned to you and installed.