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Auto Cover Tune-Up

A pool owner’s best friend when it comes to keeping out debris and preventing unwanted critters or swimmers is an automatic pool cover. Unlike manual pool covers, which tear easily and require a good deal of effort to operate, an auto cover gives your pool full coverage at the flip of a switch. Auto pool covers save you loads of time skimming, sweeping, and scrubbing and also can slow down the evaporation process, thus conserving your pool chemicals and saving you money. There truly is no substitute for an auto cover!

But one problem with auto covers is that they tend to break down. With so many moving parts, issues frequently arise and components need replacing. This rings especially true if your cover is more than three years old.

The best way to nip auto cover problems in the bud is to schedule a regular tune-up with a professional. Here’s what our Pools of Fun technicians will do to ensure your auto cover is working properly:

  • Open/close your auto cover to see if any noticeable issues are present
  • Remove auto cover lid
  • Clean any debris/leaves from auto cover box
  • Replace pulleys, if worn
  • Replace guides, if worn
  • Replace gliders, if worn
  • Inspect mechanism for loose bolts
  • Check and adjust track splice alignment
  • Center and align mechanism, if necessary
  • Check electrical connections to motor
  • Check motor for signs of overheating
  • Adjust rope reel tension
  • Adjust cover in the open and close positions, if needed
  • Spray debris from auto cover tracks with garden hose
  • Inspect webbing for excessive wear or fraying
  • Check fabric for pinhole leaks due to chemical damage
  • Check lid brackets to assure they are secure and the correct height
  • Reinstall auto cover lid
  • Operate cover in open and closed position to assure proper tracking
  • Check operation of cover pump, if sitting poolside