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Louisiana Grill

A Louisiana grill will help to produce a smoky, southern flavor that is treasured at a barbecue. Louisiana Grills carries grills that are affordable and able to service the requests of any cook. It offers a variety of options that please many customers.
Just a few of our Lousiana Grills
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Pappy’s Campfire Cooker

The Pappy is new to the Pools of Fun family. It is made with high quality 3/16″ hot rolled plated steel right here in Indiana. Pappy turns any grilling experience into a nostalgic night around a fire using its many different options. Whether you are cooking over the grilling rack, making chili in the hanging dutch oven or smoking your meat with the smoking shack, Pappy has it all and once you are done grilling remove the grilling rack and enjoy a nice evening around the fire. It truly is a unique grill to own and one that will make lasting memories with your family. Stop in at Pools of Fun and test out the display model.
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