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Pool Opening

Summer officially starts the moment your pool opens. And if you’ve ever completed the pool opening process yourself, you know it’s challenging and complicated work best left in the hands of professionals.

That’s why the best gift you can give your pool at the start of spring is pool opening service from an experienced Pools of Fun technician. By outsourcing this laborious task, you’ll achieve peace of mind knowing the job was completed the right way!

In many cases, homeowners are turning on their pool systems for the first time after a cold winter. It’s impossible to determine what components will function properly after the thawing. Do you know what to do when your motor doesn’t fire or your heater hums? Having a qualified professional on hand can diagnose problems without having them linger.

Remember, one day with an inoperable pool during the summer can feel like an eternity! So contact us today to schedule your opening. Here’s what your Pools of Fun tech will do for your pool:

  • Remove all plugs from pool
  • Remove all gizmos from pool
  • Reinstall handrail(s), if applicable
  • Reinstall basketball goal, if applicable
  • Reinstall volleyball net, if applicable
  • Reinstall ladder, if applicable
  • Reinstall filter drain plug
  • Reinstall filter pressure gauge
  • Reinstall pump plug
  • Reinstall pump basket
  • Reinstall heater plug and turn on gas service, if applicable
  • Reinstall sanitizing systems
  • Reinstall UV System, if applicable
  • Reinstall Ozonator, if applicable
  • Reinstall paramount vanquish system 6 port module, if applicable
  • Open ball valves to free air from plumbing lines
  • Prime and start pump
  • Check for plumbing leaks, and freeze damage on all equipment
  • Fix minor leaks in plumbing, or seals, totaling less than $50
  • Call customer or approval, if repairs in excess of $50 are necessary
  • Check for proper circulation and pressure
  • Close auto cover, if applicable
  • Put auto cover pump on cover, if applicable
  • Fold safety or tarp cover, if applicable, and leave poolside