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Sand Change

If you’ve never replaced the sand in your filter, the best move is to call your local Pools of Fun store to schedule service. Here are a few telltale signs for when that time is right.

Common Pool Problems

Lingering Algae – Despite your best scrubbing, vacuuming and chemical efforts, if algae blooms continue to populate your pool, you have a problem. A functional filter should backwash waste and correct any issue. But if your sand is worn and overly-clumpy, water will channel around the edges of the filter rather than through the sand. When caught in good sand, debris and algae is trapped and easily flushed.
Excess Chemical Use – Chemicals can be costly, but they are critical (along with filtration) to clear water. If you are shelling out big bucks for ineffective chemicals and seeing no results, your filter sand may be the problem.
High Filter Pressure – A sand filter fills with debris over time. And when that sand clumps, the flow of water is reduced and pressure builds in your filter. Many filters have both inlet and outlet pressure gauge, so when the pressure differential is between 3-5 psi, your filter is considered clean. But if that number hovers around 20, it’s time for a change!.

Between 3-5 Years
If your pool was installed in the last two years, you shouldn’t have any issues. In fact, it actually takes a summer’s worth of cycles for your filter sand to operate at peak efficiency. But if it’s been longer than 3 years, consider a sand change. If it’s been over 5 years, contact us today to schedule service before summer gears up!

Here’s what our Pools of Fun technicians will do to clean your sand filter:

– Pull drain plug to allow water to drain from filter
– Remove Multiport
– Remove all sand
– Rinse remaining debris and algae from inside of filter
– Check laterals for damage
– Check standpipe for damage
– Replace any broken laterals or standpipe
– Add replacement sand
– Reinstall multiport
– Reinstall drain plug
– Backwash filter
– Start up pump
– Check for any plumbing leaks
– Check for proper circulation
– Rinse remaining debris off equipment pad
– Remove old sand from premises