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Above Ground Pools

Pools of Fun Introduces the Doughboy Pool

Remember enjoying hours of fun in your backyard pool as a kid, playing Marco Polo and other games? Thanks to our new Doughboy above ground pool, you can now share these experiences and others with your kids. Let’s examine the unique features of a Doughboy pool now.

Durable Liners

One of the main reasons families eschew backyard pools is flimsy liners. These can cause slips, falls, and other accidents making the pools more difficult to clean. In contrast, Doughboy liners are 40-80% thicker than the average liner. The liners are equally thick on the sidewalls and bottoms, giving your pool quality protection from insects, debris, and other detritus. Unlike competing liners, Doughboy liners are also protected from rips, tears, and punctures. This prevents falls and other accidents, keeping swimmers much safer than they’d be in a pool with a commodity liner.

One pool-related danger many swimmers don’t consider comes from the chemicals inside the pool and liner. For example, most commodity liners carry high amounts of calcium carbonate. As this chemical breaks down, it can negatively influence your pool water’s make-up, exposing you and your family to harmful effects. Doughboy liners are made of 35-40% plasticizer. This increases chemical resistance and reduces the need for calcium carbonate and other raw materials in the liner, thereby decreasing health risks. The plasticizer also decreases UV fading and makes the Doughboy liner more durable. Typical commodity liners last 2-5 years. A Doughboy liner, on the other hand, will last at least twice as long, with a life span of up to 15 years.

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Unique Designs

Since a Doughboy can be installed above- or in-ground, you might fear buying one limits you to only a few designs. At Pools of Fun, we know the pool is often the centerpiece of your landscape, so Doughboy offers many options. Pools can be oval, kidney-shaped, square, or circular. We offer infinity pools as well as tub-like models with accessible steps for extra safety. When you come in for a consultation, we’ll discuss your current landscape design and how you can use a Doughboy for a creative, chic look that will impress guests and give your home a sense of luxury for a reasonable price.

Choose Varying Depths

Many families own pools, but some members don’t get to enjoy them because they don’t swim well or are afraid of water. With Doughboy, everyone from beginning swimmers to experts can enjoy your pool. We sell expandable liners from 20-25 mil. These allow depth expansion up to 7’, but only in the areas you choose. This way, beginning swimmers can stay in their comfort areas while learning and playing, but strong swimmers don’t feel cheated. Controlling your own depth also ensures safety for children, the elderly, and family members with disabilities.

Greater Fitness Opportunities

All our Doughboy pools are great for fitness, whether you’re focusing on weight loss or want to maintain your fitness routine without an expensive gym membership. Several of our customers use pools for yoga, water aerobics, and other aquatic activities perfect for our Doughboy lap pools. Our lap pools come in four distinct designs: Desert Breeze, Sapphire, Autumn Spring, and Palm Shore. You can purchase a 494 or 583 square foot pool. All our lap pools are safe for swimmers of various levels and perfect for the exhilarating pool games you remember from childhood. Our Doughboy mascot, Ollie the Octopus, can help teach your kids about pool rules and provide many fun game ideas.