3 Common Problems With Concrete Swimming Pools

Thinking about putting a new swimming pool in your yard? If so, think twice before you use concrete. Construction standards have evolved in the past decade, and concrete-based swimming pools are outdated these days. Instead of installing a concrete or gunite pool, the Evolution pool from Pools of Fun is the latest technology in the swimming pool industry. The ground breaking technology of the Eco-Finish in conjunction with the Evolution pool wall system, makes this pool the most durable, long lasting, maintenance free pool in the industry.

Our vinyl liner pool consists of a highly engineered structural wall, available in both a steel and reinforced composite construction. The composite wall is groundbreaking technology to the pool industry – and has been used for years in aerospace, military, and nautical applications.

Still not convinced? Here’s what often happens with concrete swimming pools.

1. Cracked Shells

Traditional concrete pools are prone to cracking, and those limitations can cost thousands of dollars to repair – and those repairs only fix affected areas in any given timeframe. Over the lifespan of a pool, the cost of repairs due to persistent cracking can add up well over the initial cost of the pool.

2. Tile Problems

Because concrete pools are more apt to crack, those cracks give way to tiles cracking as well – and detaching themselves from the pool walls – tarnishing the aesthetic value and potentially causing a hazard to swimmers. The cost to repair even mild tile damage can range in the hundreds of dollars – a persistent issue, well over a thousand spanning the life of a pool.

3. Sinking, Shifting or Popping out of the Ground

Concrete pools are more likely to sink or shift. A sinking or shifting pool is the worst possible outcome. With excavation required to fix, homeowner’s insurance may or may not cover the repair. The cost to repair a sinking or shifting pool could run into thousands of dollars or could be a total loss.

Find a Better Alternative

An investment in our technology is an investment in your family’s peace of mind, and will ensure a longer, healthier, problem-free life for your home’s pool.

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