4 Recommended Tips for Pool Safety

The best pool is a safe pool. Making sure your loved ones are having fun in a secure environment is of paramount importance, both for your guests and for your peace of mind. Make sure you brush up on tips and recommendations each summer to make your pool as safe as possible.

Here are just a few to remember:

lifeguardYou’re The Lifeguard: One great thing about owning a pool is the privacy. Privacy means pool parties, quality time with loved ones and lots of kids hanging out in your backyard. Unfortunately, one thing you concede in cancelling your public pool membership is a lifeguard. You’re responsible for the safety and well being of swimmers, which can be burdensome. Accidents are bound to happen, so make sure you’re staying proactive in enforcing effective rules (no running!) and safety techniques.

Supervision is especially important if you have young kids swimming. Consider implementing a buddy system to help them police themselves. A minute should never go by without an adult in the area.

Keep Your Phone Close: In the event of an emergency, time can be your biggest enemy. Keeping your cell phone in close proximity can help you administer first aid while contacting emergency services. Those precious seconds between searching for your phone and administering first aid matter are crucial. We at Pools of Fun highly recommend you take courses to keep your skills sharp to be ready in the event of an emergency.

Clean Up Your Pool Deck: To go along with a strict “no running” policy, make sure your pool deck is free and clear of any toys or debris that might trip someone. A pool is no fun without an overload of noodles, rafts and balls. Just do a regular clean up to prevent trips and falls.

Install an Automatic Pool Cover: Keeping your pool covered with a professional-grade automatic pool cover is a great way to ensure curious kids won’t falling in your pool when no one’s watching. Leaving your pool exposed is very dangerous. Eliminate all risks at the press of a button and ease your peace of mind with an automatic pool cover.

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