4 Safety Tips for Your Commercial Pool

Commercial pools are excellent additions to any community. They can serve as fun customer attractions to local businesses, hotels, gyms, and other establishments. If your business is considering the installation of a commercial swimming pool, you need to know how to keep it safe for guests and visitors. Otherwise, your pool could be the setting of a personal injury.

pool_safetyHere are four tips for commercial pool safety.

Install a Pool Fence

Accidental drowning is always preventable. Do your part as the owner of the property by installing a fence around your pool with a gate that locks. The fence should be tall enough to deter children from hopping or climbing over it. Your community may have certain codes you must obey regarding pool fence installation, such as how tall the fence must be. The right team of installers can help you understand the rules in your area.

Post the Right Signs

Warn swimmers of dangers that may not be obvious to them, such as a pool that’s too shallow to dive into safely. Post clear signs around the pool area that explain the potential risks of swimming in your pool. You may need signs if you don’t have a lifeguard on duty, for example, or if the surface around the pool gets slippery when wet. Signs can help prevent accidents and injuries, and they can protect you from liability in the event of an accident.

Stay on Top of Pool Maintenance

A poorly maintained pool can easily result in safety hazards. It is up to you as the property owner to search for, find, and repair these hazards before they cause visitor injury. Do this by hiring an experienced maintenance crew and undergoing routine checks at least once per month. Look for dangers such as drains without covers, exposed metal, rusty railings, chipped tiles, and slip and fall hazards. Repair issues immediately or post signs warning visitors of potential dangers you haven’t yet fixed.

Invest in the Right Pool Setup

When you have your commercial pool installed, make sure you hire experienced contractors. The setup of the pool will go a long way toward proper sanitation and filtration. A low-quality installation can result in harmful bacteria and waterborne pathogens inside your pool. There are special additives you must use to prevent these harms, such as chlorine. Your pool professional should be able to install a system that takes care of sanitation and filtration, either on its own or with minimal support.

A new commercial pool can do wonders for business. Keep it safe for swimmers with these easy tips to keep the fun flowing all summer long.

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