6 Tips for Landscaping Around a New Pool

Your pool is your backyard oasis. The right landscaping can transport you away from suburbia and into an island paradise where the sun always shines and the water is crystal clear and inviting. When you invest in a new inground or above ground pool, think about the landscaping elements you want to see surrounding your sparkling new investment. 

Pools often feature a mixture of plant and manmade elements. If you want to add a dedicated outdoor kitchen with a grilling area, an outdoor dining space, a rock wall, or a fire pit, the space will require hardscaping in addition to traditional landscaping. A mixture of elements will transform the pool area from a basic swimming space into an outdoor living space where you can enjoy spending countless summer days. Consider lighting, garden bed dividers, and the type of ground cover as you choose the features to finish the space.  

Tips for Pool Landscaping 

As you search online and with your landscaping crew for inspiration, consider these pool-specific landscaping tips and tricks: 

  1. Avoid problematic plants. Plants that shed petals and leaves and generally create a mess throughout the year will increase the amount of pool maintenance needed for the space. Leave insect-attracting and thorny plants outside the pool area to avoid a nasty sting or prick. In general, avoid any plant that will require special care or pose a threat to pool users.
  2. Carefully consider grassy areas. Patches of soft grass inside the pool enclosure may sound nice, but present more maintenance problems. If you don’t want to mow or weed-eat inside the pool area, leave grass outside the fence. Instead, opt for low ground cover that will not overgrow its bed. 
  3. Invest in low-maintenance evergreens and perennials. Many plants require only annual pruning and some simple weeding to maintain a nice and natural appearance. Avoid overcrowding each bed to leave room for growth and enjoy your landscaping elements year after year. 
  4. Use rocks and boulders wisely. Haphazardly placed pea gravel can wind up in your pool instead of a garden bed. Instead, choose larger stones to reduce maintenance needs without sacrificing beauty. Boulders chosen without great consideration can look out of place. Consider the overall design of your space to choose the right stone elements. 
  5. Install lighting to accent the night. Lighting can elevate any pool landscaping and showcase your favorite elements. Consider both in-pool and surrounding accent lights to give your space a magical feeling when the sun goes down. 
  6. Keep it simple. Often, landscaping can overwhelm the simple beauty of a well-designed pool. Save time and money with a minimalist approach in the pool area. A few carefully placed plants and hardscaping elements can look as nice as a lush poolside garden. 

When you invest in an inground or above ground pool, landscaping can really set your pool apart. Use these tips to finish your pool, and create a sanctuary you can enjoy year after year. 

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