8 Pool Safety Tips for New Owners

Swimming pool safety is an often-covered topic in the pool industry, because it is so important. Most pool safety rules are common sense, but many pool owners who read up on the topic find new information they had never thought about before. If you own a new pool or might soon, use this collection of top safety tips to make your pool a fun, safe space for everyone.

  • Lock the gate. Most homeowners invest in pool fences to keep children, pets, and unwanted wildlife from entering the pool area. Fences are helpful safety tools, but they fail to offer protection if pool owners and attendees leave them unlocked. Keep the latch on the gate closed at all times to prevent accidental and unwanted entry.
  • Always bring a phone poolside. Despite safety rules, accidents happen. Bring a house or cellphone out to the pool during every swim session to call for help quickly if needed.
  • Maintain home to pool visibility. Avoid planting trees and other obstructions that might prevent you from seeing the pool from your house. Visibility can reduce the likelihood of unwanted visitors and accidental drownings. If you use cameras or motion sensors to monitor your home, consider installing them around the pool, too.
  • Earn your CPR certification. Turn CPR certification into a family affair. Everyone old enough to use the pool without parental supervision should know how to do CPR. If you rely on one trained family member, he or she may not be around during a crisis.
  • Lock up pool chemicals. Keep pool chemicals in a locked, temperature controlled area away from small children and pets. If used improperly, the chemicals can cause serious harm.
  • Enforce pool rules. Most pool owners set out commonsense ground rules for all pool users, such as “no running,” “no diving,” and “no swimming alone.” In addition to these rules, lay out some consequences to encourage compliance.
  • Invest in an automated pool cover. Automated pool covers seal off the pool during down time and in the off-season to prevent unwanted access and maintain water chemistry. Use a pool cover to keep children, pets, and others from accessing it without supervision.
  • Invest in swim lessons. Strong swimmers are less likely to get into trouble at a pool. Enroll children in swimming lessons as early as possible to foster strong swimming skills. Adults who are uncomfortable with the water should do the same

Swimming is great for exercise, relaxation, and socialization. With a few safety precautions, you can build a lifetime of positive memories around your pool. Print out and use these tips to protect your pool and the people who visit it.

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