Advantages of an Automatic Pool Cover

Keeping your pool covered is essential to getting the most out of your biggest backyard investment. Be it through a cleaner pool or saving on heating costs, the cover you choose can literally be the difference between a poorly maintained pool and the best on your block.

Pools of Fun is your source for all things pools in Indianapolis, and when it comes to covers we’ve got you, well, covered.

Why an automatic pool cover?

Easy Cleanup — Say you’re throwing a Saturday backyard BBQ, and on your to-do list is tidying up the pool. You spend hours skimming, brushing, and vacuuming to make your swimming hole spotless, only to have run out of time to prep for anything else. Sound familiar? One of the more frustrating parts of pool ownership can be all the labor that goes with it. An automatic pool cover easily takes the stress out of cleaning by denying leaves and algae spores entry to wreak havoc in your water.automatic_pool_cover

Quick To Open or Close — Standard pool covers made out of tarp-like material can be fine purchases in many instances. They are cheap and passable in their effectiveness. But they don’t last very long and they make opening your pool feel like a chore. Want to take a quick dip? You’ll have to roll up the cover first. With the press of a button, an automatic pool cover can save you that task every time.

Keeps People Out — Owning a pool is a huge liability, and an automatic cover makes it impossible for unwanted swimmers to dive in. This is very important for families with kids.

Saves You Money In The Long Term — The initial cost of an automatic pool cover can be a disadvantage. But couple the long-term savings coupled with the convenience and it pays off. Because automatic pool covers are installed over a pool, it creates a more insulated seal. This helps prevent water loss, saves on heat costs, and makes chemicals last significantly longer.

Pools of Fun only carries the highest quality automatic pool covers, from brands like Automatic Pool Covers Inc., Cover Pools, Coverstar, Aquamatic Cover Systems, and Pool Cover Specialists. Come in and make a switch before you close your pool!

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