Benefits of Auto Pool Covers

Automatic Pool Covers are electronically-controlled, retractable pool covers. Mounted in a fixed track, they open and close through use of remote controls. The tracks or mechanisms can be under the grade or on top of the pool deck. They can be added at the time your pool is constructed or installed on an existing pool – and, they are are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors.

There are a number of benefits that homeowners will gain by adding an automatic pool cover system to their swimming pool.

Here are the biggest 3 we think of most often:


This is at the top of the list. There is an added peace of mind knowing that there is another layer of protection between your loved ones and your swimming pool. When the pool is dormant, it’s wise decision to simply flip a switch – and, engage the cover. That’s the safest choice for pets, younger children and wandering neighbors.



Some of our clients have experienced some dramatic savings in operating costs by simply adding an automatic pool cover.

  • Heating. Auto pool covers help maintain the temperature of your pool. Covering a pool will significantly reduce both water evaporation and heat loss by up to 70%.
    • Chemicals. When chlorine is exposed to UV light, it breaks down and dissipates very quickly. By covering your pool when not in use, you can protect the chlorine in your pool, extending the life of this necessary chemical. Plus, pools lose chemicals through evaporation – so, if you cut evaporation, you will get longer life from chemicals and they will stay in better balance.
    • Electricity. Auto covers will reduce the amount of energy needed for filtration of the pool. Plus, an auto cover keeps out dirt, debris, leaves, etc. This cleaner water has fewer contaminants so less electricity is used on the pool pump and filter.
    • Water: An automatic cover reduces water evaporation by up to 90%.  Keeping the pool covered when not in use eliminates the need to constantly add water to the pool.


Ease of use is the third main benefit.  Automatic pool covers are so effortless to use, you are apt to cover your pool on a more regular basis. When closed, an automatic pool cover will keep the pool much cleaner, warmer and safer.  This will give pool owners more time to enjoy the pool and less time cleaning and maintaining it.  After all, the pool was built to be enjoyed.

Check Out Your Options

There is no better way to conserve important natural resources than with an automatic pool cover. It’s like a roof for the pool that helps keep the undesirable things like dirt, leaves and insects out while keeping in the good things, like heat, pool chemicals and water.

Auto Pool Covers can be installed when your pool is being built, but Pools of Fun can also recommend some retrofit installation options that will work for most any situation. To read more about your options and color choices, check out our Web site at

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