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Taking care of your spa involves a great deal of expertise, and getting the right products and advice — especially when it comes to chemicals — means more than trusting what you find online.

Pools of Fun has five convenient locations around Indianapolis, and we aim to be your go-to source for your hot tub. We stock our stores with everything you need for a safe, functional and relaxing swimming experience.

We’ve learned a ton about spa owners in our 39 years, and we understand the importance of taking care of your spa the right way. Healthy water is all about chemicals, and we highly encourage hot_tubspa owners to utilize our experts in making decisions about which chemicals are right for you. Our first piece of advice is to avoid buying them online.

The Perils of Online Chemicals

Purchasing your chemicals from a popular retail superstore (I.E. Amazon or a large supply wholesaler) might seem like a sweet deal in terms of money saved, but there are some perils. The personal touch of talking to one of our experts means you leave our store with the proper chemicals to fix your spa the right away — eliminating delays and incorrect products. Imagine waiting weeks to treat your spa while your chemicals ship, rendering your spa unusable. In many instances a company will sell out of a product and still sell it online, increasing lag time between your purchase and the time it hits your doorstep. And if they ship the wrong products? A week can feel like a year in context of winter hot tub season.

Long Term Relationships

A supplier doesn’t have a proper assessment of what kind of spa you have, making the chemicals you buy a riskier decision. Every spa is different, and finding the right chemicals should be a personal experience. By coming into our store, we establish a relationship with your pool and spa, so the next time an issue arises we can expedite the process of fixing it.

Online shopping is a series of one-time purchases. When you come to Pools of Fun, we aim to do business with you in the future.

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