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Moms Stay Healthy By Swimming

Swimming is a great way to get you pre-baby body back and to stay in shape while raising little ones. Follow these great tips from Women’s Health magazine.


Groovy Goggle Lowdown

Not a mermaid? Check out our “groovy goggle lowdown” for tips to help you choose the perfect pair of goggles.


Vanishing Edge Pools

While it looks like you could float off the pool into the horizon, vanishing-edge pools are nothing more than a beautiful optical illusion.


Automating your home system

Control your pool and all its components not only with the touch of a finger but wherever you’d like. Learn more about automating your home system here.


When to teach kids to swim?

If you’re wondering when you should put your child in swimming lessons, the American Academy of Pediatrics now endorses lessons for children under the age of 4.