Inground Pools

Factors to Consider with New Pool Construction

New pool construction is a significant investment and getting it right from the start is essential. At Pools of Fun, we have the expertise, experience, and commitment to bring your pool vision to life.


All You Need To Know About Fiberglass Pools

The inside of a fiberglass pool is one connected shell made only of fiberglass, unlike the other types of pools which are composed of many panels or parts. For example, one of the most popular types of pools is a concrete pool.


May is National Water Safety Month

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us, and with it, lots of summer fun. As the warm weather grows, pools are opening and lakes are warming up in Indiana, and we’re all ready to enjoy the season. But at Pools of Fun, we also want to make sure that you stay safe while swimming so you can enjoy this swim season to its fullest.


Six Tips for Winterizing Your Inground Pool

It’s hard to believe that our summer is almost over and the time to winterize your in-ground pool is nearly here. It felt like the warm days of summer would be endless – splashing and relaxing with your family in the sun. Then, next thing you remember, it’s Labor Day weekend, back-to-school sales and meet-the-teacher nights.


Questions to Ask Before Building a Pool

So, you’re building your very own inground swimming pool! It’s something you have pondered for years. It’s been one of your goals for those you love. Relaxing by your very own swimming pool and enjoying family time for years to come is a dream come true for most families.


Why Fall is the Best Season for New Pool Installation

The end of summer might signal the end of swimming season, but it doesn’t mean you’ve missed the opportunity to install a new in-ground or above-ground pool. In fact, installing your pool in fall has a few advantages over other seasons. If you know you want a pool for your home or business, don’t wait! Installing a pool is possible year-round. Here’s why fall is an excellent time for pool installations.