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Why Fall is the Best Season for New Pool Installation

The end of summer might signal the end of swimming season, but it doesn’t mean you’ve missed the opportunity to install a new in-ground or above-ground pool. In fact, installing your pool in fall has a few advantages over other seasons. If you know you want a pool for your home or business, don’t wait! Installing a pool is possible year-round. Here’s why fall is an excellent time for pool installations.


Building a Pool This Year? Book Now!

While those hot summer days seem far away, they’re actually right around the corner. And if this is the summer you’ve decided to put a pool in your backyard, the time is now to schedule construction.


Get a Jumpstart on Spring: Design Your New Pool Now

Spring might seem pretty far away, but it’ll be here before you know it. Temperatures will be climbing, and it’ll be time to open the pool! Of course, it’s hard to open a pool if you don’t have one. Believe it or not, the best time to design a new pool is right now. With the Pools of Fun Design Center, we’ll help you create the pool of your dreams.


Why Winter Is Secretly One of the Best Times to Buy a Pool

During winter, chances are that your thoughts will be far away from the warmth of summer and the relaxation of lying by the pool. It’s understandable – dreary weather and miserable temperatures will likely preoccupy you. However, the cold months could be one of the best times to purchase a pool.


Why Early Fall Is the Season for Pool Construction

You dreamed about installing an in-ground pool on your property for years. It will add value to your property and provide friends and family a place to hang out. If you’re ready to make the dive, don’t wait until next spring or summer to get started. In fact, this coming fall may be the best time to complete your project.


Part II: What Makes a Bad Pool Contractor

Part II: What makes a Bad Contractor – Most bad contractors will tell you they have adequate insurance. But do they really? A bad contractor’s grass cutting and snow plowing coverage won’t cut it when their concrete truck runs over a city water meter pit, leaving you on the hook for the damages.


Why You Should Buy From a Qualified Pool Contractor — Not a Part Time Bad Contractor

A bad contractor is someone who professes to be “in the business” of providing a service to homeowners at a greatly discounted rate, often using cheaper products to get the job done. The reality is that a bad contractor will overpromise and under-deliver every time, leaving a homeowner unsatisfied and having to pay extra to get the job done right.


How Do I Plan For My Pool?

Installing a new inground pool in your backyard isn’t a decision to take lightly. It involves detailed planning, precise budgeting, expert design, and much (much) more. Needless to say, a pool installation isn’t just digging a hole in the ground and adding water.