Choosing a Shape for Your In-Ground Pool

Your pool is an extension of your home. The right shape will add balance to your home’s outdoor space and complement other design structures. If you like clean lines, classic beauty, or seamless curves, you can find a design that matches those preferences.

Consider some of the most popular pool shapes homeowners choose:

Traditional designs. These pools represent the standard in the pool industry. The no-nonsense lines work in any yard. Rectangular pools often simplify landscaping and hardscaping considerations for an easy design experience. Consider the traditional rectangle if you don’t have strong feelings about your pool’s shape or if you want to use your backyard pool for swimming laps.

Standard oval pools often fall into the rectangular category. With rounded instead of straight edges, oval pools offer a casual and inviting backyard swimming experience.

Curvy designs. To add an artistic flair to the pool area, many homeowners prefer a pool with curves. Both kidney-shaped designs and figure-eight designs offer seamless, rounded areas that can fit into a number of backyards – including those with limited and odd space constraints.

In addition to the kidney and figure-eight design, a triple-looped design that mimics a cartoon cloud or lazy river style pool may offer the experience you want. These curvy designs are fun, artistic, and ready to give your backyard a different look and feel.

Classic designs. Grecian and Roman pool shapes add decorative flair to the traditional rectangular shape. The Roman style pool features one large curve in the middle of both ends couched between two smaller curves and straight long lines in between them. The Grecian style pool is more geometric in design with cut-off corners. Instead of four right angles, the Grecian pool gives homeowners eight obtuse angles around the rectangular design.

Freeform designs. A freeform design will match your wildest dreams. Whether you want an infinity pool that curves in a giant circle or an interconnected series of twists and turns, you can use a freeform approach to custom build a pool in any space.

The pool shape is just the first of many design features homeowners must choose on their way to in-ground pool ownership. Depending on the lining material, you may have access to some or all of these eye-catching designs. Concrete pools tend to offer the most flexibility, but fiberglass and vinyl pool technology can also accommodate a range of shapes and sizes.

As you explore different pool shapes, think about your landscaping and hardscaping expectations. Some pool shapes may accommodate your desire for a poolside barbecue, fire pit, or garden better than others do.

With so many options to choose from, you may need help narrowing the selection. At Pools of Fun, we work alongside our clients to find the perfect solution for their space, style, and budget. Contact us today to start your new pool project.

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