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Whether a seasoned pool owner or new to the world of pools, there are a lot of questions about the pool building process. To answer our customer’s questions and concerns, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. Every pool installation is different; therefore some of the information listed here may not be applicable in every case. Begin here to find answers to your general questions, and follow up with us for more details. We will keep you informed during every step of the installation process!

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Is my yard suitable for pool construction?

Construction equipment needed to build the pool will need adequate access to your site, generally, at least a 10-foot-wide path is required. If there are obstacles such as trees, fencing, or slopes in the access path, these will likely cause issue with accessing the backyard and may need removed prior to our arrival. If you are planning for a fiberglass pool, the access requirements will be much different depending on the size of a pool. The pools come pre-built so if you are planning for a larger fiberglass pool, it will likely be necessary to have at least a 20-foot-wide path to get the pool and the crane through to the backyard. Additionally, the crane’s boom will be roughly 50-60’ high so not only will we need the width for the access, but we’ll also need significant vertical clearance for a fiberglass pool. In the event this is not possible, we can always lift the fiberglass pool up and over the house from the front yard.

Is my backyard big enough?

Pools of Fun offers pool in many shapes and sizes to fit nearly any backyard. Vinyl lined pools are completely customizable (size and shape) while fiberglass pool designs/sizes are predetermined by the manufacturer. If you live in a subdivision, it is most helpful to have a copy of your plot plan to determine if you have room for a pool. We need to consider any city setback requirements along with any drainage or utility easements. Other site-specific issues that will determine if your backyard will accommodate a pool are septic systems (fingers and tanks), geo-thermal systems, location of public and private utilizes, and more. One of our design team consultants can help you determine if a pool is right for your backyard.

How long does it take to build a pool?

It is difficult to predict an exact time frame for pool construction due to many factors, such as weather, material availability, local approvals, and other variables out of our control. Most pools can be completed in 4-6 weeks once local permitting is approved.

How much can I expect to invest in a swimming pool?

Swimming pools are an investment like your home. A quality installation can range from $60,000 to $100,000. This price is dependent upon the type of pool, accessories, ease of access, backyard conditions, and other factors. Some pool companies will offer upfront low-cost options as a bait-and-switch only to increase pricing at contract. Be leery of only price shopping for your inground pool. Poor quality materials and craftsmanship can cost you big in the long run.

How will I use my pool?

Understanding how you will use your pool is key in determining the design and features of your pool. A pool designed for exercise may look very different than a pool designed for play with options like tanning ledges, diving ends, benches, and other amenities. Knowing what you are interested in would help us determine the proper type and size of pool to fit your needs. Also consider who will be using the pool. Small children may enjoy features like tanning ledges or bubblers while adults may prefer more swim area or sports items.

Are there zoning issues or HOA requirements?

Some areas or HOAs may have restrictions or ordinances that do not allow inground pools. Check with your local planning commission (access online) and review any homeowner’s association regulations.

Am I prepared to properly care for a pool or hire someone for routine upkeep and maintenance?

A pool can be a beautiful and enjoyable addition to your home, but like any other investment, it requires regular maintenance to retain this beauty and value. Monitoring water quality, clearing skimmers and filters, vacuuming, washing covers and liners. These are just a few of the actions related to keeping a pool clean and healthy. Understand the costs and time associated with doing this yourself or the investment to hire a qualified service to do this for you. Pools of Fun offers low-maintenance options to significantly decrease the amount of time spent on routine pool maintenance. Or if you are hands-off, we offer affordable weekly pool care packages, so you only have to enjoy your pool!

Do I have to pay for the estimate?

No, we provide a complimentary in-home estimate of costs.

How long will the excavation take?

The average excavation will take one day, but this will be dependent, in part, on the specific design of your pool.

How will the pool be secured?

A steel/composite/Uniwall will be installed and concrete will be used to secure the structure. During this process, the pool bottom will be shaped and finished (depending on the pool type).

Do you use Fiberglass?

Yes, we can put up a Fiberglass pool shell.

What kind of plumbing do you use?

We use “Schedule 40” PVC pipes.

Who will install the wiring?

Only licensed electricians install wiring for the pumps and electrical breakers.

Do you have your pools inspected?

Indeed, we do. We always schedule city inspections before pools are complete, and again afterward.

When does the liner go in?

The liner you choose will be vacuumed into place after the first inspection of the pool structure.

When does the gas line for heating the pool go in?

We’ll take care of the gas line during other stages of the construction, before the liner is added.

What do you use for backfill?

We use a pea gravel backfill.

Do you have any other inspections besides the city inspection?

Yes, a bonding grid inspection is also conducted.

What finishing work can you do around the pool?

We can pour concrete walkways around the pool. In doing this, we will install sono tubes, pea gravel, deck braces, control joints, Nycon reinforcement, and 4000-PSI concrete. If concrete cracks after pouring, we will fix it.

What about the grade?

We will ensure that there is a rough grade, so water runs away from the pool. This is not a finish grade, ready for grass seed, though.

Can you install an auto cover?

Yes, we certainly can.

Do you clean up after you are finished?

Absolutely. A pool technician will make sure everything is in good order and all the finishing touches are complete.

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