Is the DIY Above-Ground Pool Right for You?

Do you want all the benefits of a swimming pool without the hassle? A do-it-yourself (DIY) above ground pool might be the answer you’re looking for. There’s no digging, excavating, or pouring of concrete necessary. Just the DIY Echo Above Ground Pool and you. While inground pools come with their own advantages, some people are happy with a simpler solution. If you aren’t sure if this type of pool is your ideal option, consider these facts.

The DIY Pool Saves Money

If you’re looking for the perfect budget-friendly pool, the DIY above ground may be just right. At Pools of Fun, we offer these pools starting at just $1,199. You save on the price of installation – a cost that can be sizable with inground pools. This product is substantially cheaper than many other pool options, making it the perfect discounted solution for families. Based on the package you purchase, your investment can come complete with a pool liner, skimmer, ladder, pump, sand filter, maintenance set, and more – all at an affordable price.

Above Ground Pools Are Portable

The DIY Echo pool is completely portable. That’s right – you can switch its location in just a few simple steps. If you’d prefer it in a different area or if you need to relocate it because of something like a storm, it’s possible to move it the very same day. With inground pools and some above ground pools, this is impossible without significant renovation and professional assistance. A portable pool is a great advantage for those who may change their minds about where they want this attraction.

Save Time and Labor

If installing a pool is a last-minute summertime idea, the DIY above ground model is your fastest option for reaping immediate benefits. You don’t have to wait on a team of installers, the digging process, or a major installation. If time is of the essence, the DIY option can go up just as fast as you can build it. With tips from the professionals at Pools of Fun, you can make your installation smooth and easy. Our pools are simple to assemble and come with descriptive instructions. When you DIY your pool installation, you save considerable time and money on labor.

The DIY Pool Is Easy to Maintain

The smaller size and setup of the DIY above ground pool make cleanup, filtration, and maintenance a breeze. No need to hire a pool boy – you can maintain your own system with just a few tools (items that come with our Do It Complete Pool Package). If you have questions or concerns with your setup, the experts at Pools of Fun are happy to help. For the most part, however, customers can leave with pools in their hands and enjoy their investments without needing pool professionals.

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