New Regulations – Variable Speed Pumps

The literal heart of your swimming pool system is your pool pump. It powers the circulatory system moving filtered water through drains and catching debris and impurities. Variable speed pool pumps have been touted as energy saving upgrades for several seasons now.

Starting in 2021 – next spring for Central Indiana – new Department of Energy regulations will go into effect requiring all new pump installs or pump replacements to be Variable Speed Pumps, or VSP’s. This off-season is a great time to consider replacing the older single-stage pump with a new VSP.

New energy regulations notwithstanding, there are multiple reasons to make the switch to a newer, variable speed pool pump. variable_speed_pump

Lower monthly utility bills: According to many online cost calculators we have seen, most homeowners can save $30 to $50 a month on utility bills using a variable speed pump. In fact, some proponents state that the VSP may even pay for itself in the very first year of operation.

Reduced noise pollution: Particularly in more densely populated areas with lots of pools, a quieter pool pump can improve the backyard living environment for you and your neighbors, too. You will be sure the pump is functioning properly based upon seeing the water movement – and, not by hearing a louder, single-speed pump.

Cleaner, clearer water: Because of the slower operating speed of the VSP pump, the filter works more efficiently and keeps the pool water cleaner. The slower speeds allow the filter to catch smaller particles. Overall, this causes less performance stress on the entire systems, so your pool equipment will last longer and work better. Additionally, having the pump run for more hours a day means your pool water stays healthier.

We have even seen some year-to-year energy comparisons where fewer kilowatt hours are consumed even during heat waves and unseasonably hot temperatures. All things considered, you should make 2021 the year you switch to a variable speed pump for your pool. Pools of Fun can help you think through all the multiple benefits and help you make the best product choice for your unique situation.

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