Winter Pool Maintenance Tips

Your backyard pool is a substantial investment that’s there to provide years of family fun and enjoyment. One of the more important long-term maintenance issues is “winter-care”. Taking proper care and seasonal preventative measures here in Indiana during the winter months can save hassle and expense next spring.


Why Winter is the Hottest Time to Buy a Pool

With winter setting in in Indiana, thinking about buying an in-ground swimming pool might just be the last thing on your mind. However, winter is a great time to start planning and budgeting for a new pool. Here are 4 key reasons to consider purchasing a pool in the winter.


Questions to Ask Before You Build a Pool

If you are like many of our first-time pool owners at Pools of Fun, you’ll be spending the winter dreaming about the ideal pool you’re thinking of building next year. And, why shouldn’t you!? Too much of this year has been spent indoors. Before you break ground, get all your ideas together by spending some time with family and answering these 5 questions.


Tips for Using Chlorine Pool Floaters During the Winter Months

Floating chlorine dispensers, sometimes referred to as floaters or feeders, come in many forms but are used for the same basic purposes: to add chlorine to your pool’s water. These devices dispense a set amount of chemicals into your pool throughout the months when it’s closed and covered.


New Regulations – Variable Speed Pumps

The literal heart of your swimming pool system is your pool pump. It powers the circulatory system moving filtered water through drains and catching debris and impurities. Variable speed pool pumps have been touted as energy saving upgrades for several seasons now. Starting in 2021 – next spring for Central Indiana – new Department of Energy regulations will go into effect requiring all new pump installs or pump replacements to be Variable Speed Pumps, or VSP’s. This off-season is a great time to consider replacing the older single-stage pump with a new VSP.


The Pools of Fun Difference

It seems difficult to believe that in our nearly 40 years in the pool business, we have provided Central Indiana with over 5,000 custom built pools. Think about that. If each of those pools was an average of 40 feet long, our pools would stretch from Indy’s downtown Monument Circle all the way to downtown Greenfield! That’s nearly 40 miles! Here are the TOP 6 things that make THE DIFFERENCE at Pools of Fun.:


Shutting Down the Hot Tub for Winter

It’s a place of comfort, rejuvenation and relaxation for most families. Your hot tub is a stellar amenity to your home and contributes greatly to your quality of life. Proper “end-of-season” maintenance will help to ensure you will get to enjoy your hot tub for years to come.


Pool Chemistry 101

When owning a pool, it’s important to understand the chemistry of your pool water. We explain the basics of pool chemistry and what they mean for your pool. Pool chemistry includes: free chlorine, total alkalinity, PH, cyanuric acid, calcium hardness and phosphates.


Pools of Fun Stores ReOpening Today

Pools of Fun has conferred with the Indiana Task Force on Best Practices during this crisis. We have spent the last two weeks of the Governor’s Stay-At-Home Order developing a plan to support our customers in the most responsible manner. We have procedures in place to ensure we can still provide water testing, chemicals, weekly service, openings, and other critical services to our customers.


Pools of Fun Named to Top 50 Pool Builders in the U.S.

Here at Pools of Fun, we are proud to announce that we have again been named a Top 50 Pool Builder by Pool and Spa News. This is national honor that we have received for the fourteenth year. It is a rare accomplishment that we could NOT have achieved without great and loyal customers like YOU.



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