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Understanding Pool Sand and Sand Filters

Sand pool filters are generally low maintenance and relatively simple to maintain. A sand pool filter requires a full season’s worth of filtration cycles to operate at peak efficiency, but after three years, it will start to decline in performance.

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Poolside Grilling Safety Tips

Few things are more enjoyable during the hot summer months than relaxing by your pool and enjoying grilled food with friends and family. Grilling poolside can be relaxing and enjoyable, but it’s vital to be safe about it.


Full Coverage: Why Automatic Pool Covers Are the Only Option

Building a luxury inground pool is all about options. Do you choose a vinyl liner or splurge on the concrete pool? How many water features is too many? Are handrails necessary? No matter how you specify your pool, one of the most important decisions you’ll make happens after construction: do you go with an automatic or a manual pool cover?


Welcome to May: The Greatest Month in Tailgating

Although the weather outside might not look it, Monday marked the first day of May. And, as those around central Indiana know, May 1st marks the beginning of the world’s greatest tailgating month, which culminates in the world’s greatest sporting event: The Indianapolis 500. Lucky for you, Pools of Fun carriers the two single most critical items to carry out a tailgate for the ages: coolers and grills.


Is it Time to Replace Your Vinyl Pool Liner?

Vinyl liners play a critical role in your pool’s makeup. Aesthetically, a beautiful liner can catch the eye. Functionally, a fully intact liner retains pool water. While these facts may seem obvious, pool owners often ignore telltale signs that it’s time to change their vinyl liners. But why is installing a new liner important, and when is it time?


Signs You’re Dealing with the Wrong Pool Contractor

The moment you realize you’ve made a huge mistake hiring the wrong contractor is no fun. Your stomach sinks, just like you felt your seatbelt snap while barreling 100mph down from the top a roller coaster – it’s absolutely gut-wrenching.


New Products In Stock at Pools of Fun Stores for 2017 Swim Season

At Pools of Fun, we’re more than just Indiana’s largest luxury in-ground pool builder. We also make it our duty to provide homeowners everything they need to throw the perfect backyard party. So stop by any of our five stores to check out these new products we’re carrying in 2017…


Avoid Buying Your Pool Chemicals Online

Purchasing your pool chemicals online from a retailer such as Amazon or Wal-Mart might seem like the most convenient option, but, in reality, a pool owner’s best move is to partner with someone who can deliver a personalized touch.


Building a Pool This Year? Book Now!

While those hot summer days seem far away, they’re actually right around the corner. And if this is the summer you’ve decided to put a pool in your backyard, the time is now to schedule construction.


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