Our number one priority here at Pools of Fun is to give our customers the best possible pool. Installation is just the start. Ensuring your pool runs smoothly for a long time is even more critical. A healthy pool is one that’s regularly maintained and filled with properly treated water.

You wouldn’t put regular gas in a high-performance sports car, would you? Well, your pool is no different. And because we want the best for our customers, each of our five central Indiana Customer Care Locations supplies an extensive line of products from BioGuard.

The BioGuard Difference

bioguard_productsBioGuard offers professional, quality products for your pool and spa needs. With an extensive line of chemicals, BioGuard provides a painless pool care process designed for sparkling, healthy water. Our experts here at Pools of Fun are educated on the benefits of BioGuard, so if you have any questions be sure to drop in!

ALEX® Computerized Water Testing

BioGuard is ahead of the curve in utilizing technology to get pool and spa owners quick, accurate assessments of their pool water. Through ALEX®, BioGuard’s state-of-the-art computerized water testing system, Pools Of Fun customers receive a full-scale advanced analysis of their water beyond what a basic at-home testing kit provides. The information ALEX® interprets shows how each water measurement affects the other. This allows your Pools of Fun professional to determine a comprehensive plan to open, maintain or close your pool. Why leave your pool chemicals up to guesswork when you could get the perfect plan to save you on pool chemicals and time fussing with chemicals.

Pool Complete™

Our most recommended and latest water enhancer; Pool Complete ™ is a 3-in-1 high-intensity weekly formula that keeps water crystal clear while also preventing build-up around your pool’s waterline. It also works through your filter, continuously removing phosphate. Click for more information!

BioGuard® Water Enhancers

Cloudy water a problem? Restore sparkle to your pool with BioGuard® Water Enhancers. This set of products brings out the beauty in your water and keeps your filter working at a maximum efficiency so you can spend time inside your pool – working on it outside.

Sparkling Water Products

— Polysheen® Blue Water

— Natural Clarifier

Cloudy Water Treatment/Unwanted Contaminants Remover

— Pool Tonic™

— Power Floc™

— Sparkle Up®

Water Temperature Stabilizers/Water-Loss Reducers

— Smart Shield™

For Increased Filter Efficiency

 Skim Mor®

Odor and Waterline Buildup Eliminator

— Natural Result™

SpaGuard® Spa Care Chemicalsspaguard_products

Nothing is better than unwinding after a long day of work and heading into your backyard in your Spa. By adding BioGuard SpaGuard, your spa is filled with soft, soothing water that aids in circulation, filtration, cleaning, draining and refilling.

  • Products Included: Chlorine and Bromine Spa Care System, Soft Soak® TRIO, Non-Chlorine Soft Soak Spa Care System, Shock to Remove Contaminants, Cleaning and Problem Solvers, Water Balancers, Water Enhancers.

BioGuard® Mineral Springs® Saltwater Pool Care System

Perfect for pools of any size and surface, all types of chlorine generators, and frequent travelers. BioGuard® Mineral Springs® Pool Care System guarantees you the highest quality saltwater that’s a natural way to sanitize your pool.

  • Products Included: Mineral Springs Beginnings, Mineral Springs Renewal, Mineral Springs Accessories, Mineral Springs Stain and Scale, Mineral Springs Cell Cleaner.

BioGuard® SaltScapes Springs® Saltwater Pool Care System

A simpler, gentler approach to pool care, BioGuard SaltScapes Pool Care System is designed specifically to keep your saltwater pool sparkling and your equipment protected from corrosion.

  • Products Included: SaltScapes pH Reducer, SaltScapes Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer, SaltScapes Cell Cleaner, SaltScapes SunShield® Stabilizer, SaltScapes Algae Remover, SaltScapes Scale Defender, SaltScapes Test Strips

So head to one of Pools of Fun’s convenient central Indiana locations to pick up the industry’s best chemicals from BioGuard®. Our mission is to make pool maintenance as painless as possible so you can get back to enjoying your summer!

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