Do you know how long it’s been since you last drained your pool water?

If the answer is more than two years, it’s time to take action and bring a water sample into one of our five central Indiana Pools of Fun locations to ensure your pool water is in good condition.

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When Is it Time To Drain and Fill?

If it’s been a few years since your last drain and fill service or you have cloudy pool water, the problem may stem from excess dissolved solids.

As water evaporates, these dissolved solids, which are trace amounts of chemical residue, remain on your pool liner. Over weeks and months, especially when summer is at its peak, hardness builds up on your pool’s liner and causes cracks. In worst case scenarios, these cracks expand (similar to the way a blemish on your car’s windshield grows) and can cause leaks in your liner, which can lead to a liner replacement.

A full drain and fill service can remedy these issues by allowing you to start fresh with crystal clear water, fewer headaches, and a ready-to-swim pool. If the problem is less severe, a partial drain and fill service may be in order. Either way, your best bet is to always enlist the services of a Pools of Fun professional.

Here’s what your technicians will do to ensure your full or partial drain and fill is done the right way.


Full Drain and Fill

  • Check for chlorine at zero ppm
  • Dose pool with chem-out, if chlorine is present
  • Turn off pool pump
  • Hook up secondary pump, provided by Pools of Fun, to empty water from pool
  • Rinse side walls and steps with garden hose as pool is being emptied
  • Use pool brush or power washer to clean dirt and debris from liner as pool is being emptied
  • Clean debris off bottom of pool with shop vac or by hand, if necessary
  • Use liquid chlorine on stains, if present (no guarantee that the stain will disappear)
  • Use brush, chlorine, or pressure washer to clean fiberglass steps, if present
  • Reset liner to remove small wrinkles from pool liner (no guarantee that wrinkles can be removed)
  • Refill pool with trucked water, if hydrant cannot be used due to water company restrictions
  • Restart pool pump and check for proper circulation
  • Dose pool with 4 gallons of liquid chlorine
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