Whether your pump is broken and needs replacing or you’re installing a new model, Pools of Fun has an expansive selection of products and experienced professionals to ensure your installation is stress-free.

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When Is It Time for a New Pool Pump?

Your pool pump is made up of many moving parts. When these elements malfunction, they become a great source of frustration. Functionally, your pool will not filter properly, and you’ll be out of luck when it comes to swimming in clean water. Financially, you’ll still continue to pony up to repair and replace each piece.

Symptoms of a Broken Pump

Noises and Clogs

If your pump and skimmer baskets are empty and you still have restricted water flow, there’s a good chance you’re experiencing a clog or some sort of suction loss. In turn, your motor is likely working overtime to compensate. You’ll know this is true when you hear grinding, screeching, humming. Or worse – you’ll hear nothing because your motor is dead!


Your pump can break down for many reasons. It could be as simple as a faulty shaft seal or something far more difficult to repair like the motor or seal plate. In any case it’s critical to diagnose the problem and replace your pump when necessary.


Pumps are comprised of many elements, which mean they contain multiple points of failure inside. Assessing a particular issue can be challenging, but it’s probable the motor is the root of your pump problem. If your motor has been around for longer than 3 years, you’re probably due for a new one.
Go Green – And if you’re using an outdated product, you’re definitely spending too much on energy costs. Upgrading to a smaller, high-efficiency pump can save you up to 75% on both usage and expenses.

Pools of Fun supplies top of the line energy-efficient pumps, and we employ experts to install them correctly. Contact us today to learn more!

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