Our weekly service programs are an affordable option for you to keep your pool clean and clear.

This program is for people who need cost-effective assistance testing their pool water and applying chemicals. It is designed for a six month/26 week season and can be paid monthly or annually. We are here to help you maintain a clean, clear, and safe pool for you, your family, and friends.

Program Details

  • Limited Availability….sign up now!
  • All pricing is for Pools of Fun clients.
  • Payment in advance with credit card on file required.
  • Cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Chemicals now provided.
  • You must use Pools of Fun provided chemicals.
  • Pools of Fun may cancel this agreement if the terms and conditions are not met.

Weekly Basic Package – $129.99/week; Billed Monthly

  • ONE visit per week.
  • Water test, analysis and treatment
    • Pool Complete, Algae Complete, and a dose of maintenance shock as needed
    • All additional chemicals applied on-site day-of are paid for under this agreement
    • Refill chlorinator, up to six (6) tablets. Adjust salt generator. Salt not provided.
  • Cleaning Services that we guarantee day-of:
    • Brush the waterline
    • Skim the surface for debris, as-needed
    • Vacuum the debris, as-needed
    • Brush the steps
    • Empty skimmer baskets, as-needed
    • Backwash the filter, as-needed

Weekly Plus Package – $229.99/week for 26 weeks; Billed in one installment

  • Everything from Weekly Basic, plus:
  • TWO visits a week (second visit is water test and treat only)
  • Automatic Enrollment in Splash Rewards Dive Club
  • FLOAT PROGRAM Enrollment: Personalized monthly correspondence directly from a Pool Care expert to evaluate tracked water quality trends in your pool
  • Total Winter Chemical Coverage: Pre-paid Winter Closing Kit & Enrollment in Mid-Winter Shock Program
  • Professional pool opening and closing included


Weekly Signature Package – $329.99/week for 26 weeks; Billed in one installment

  • Everything from WEEKLY PLUS, including pool cleaning on second visit, plus:
  • Automatic Enrollment in Splash Rewards Cannonball Club
  • Bacteria removal services covered

Spa Add-On – $59.99/week; Billed Monthly

  • Can be added to any of our other Pool Care Packages or billed exclusively
  • Everything from Weekly Basic, but for your spa

For questions regarding scheduling and availability, please call our Service Department at 317.837.2617.

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