Pools of Fun Winter Shock Service

The more effort you put toward winterizing your pool NOW, the better off you will be when spring arrives and it’s pool reopening time once again. We do recommend shocking during these winter months to avoid any green algae build-up.

We caution against leaving your pool unprotected against harmful algae damage. You are setting yourself up for significant extra springtime works and expense. Worst case scenario: algae damage can lead to pool defects or deteriorations that may require remedial work or repair.

It’s easy to prevent future problems. Add some shock during these wintertime months. 

winter_shock_serviceCheck Your Water Chemistry

For optimal pool health, it is important to test and check your water chemistry when your pool is covered. If your pool has a solid cover over it, less maintenance will be required because the sunlight and debris will be blocked from getting into the pool.

Note, that if you have a mesh cover, sunlight, dirt, debris, snow and rainwater will likely get into the pool and could be a source of algae or discoloration. We think the best practice is to be proactive and not reactive. Treating the winter water with shock can head-off a lot of potential problems.

Algaecide vs. Shock

Keep in mind, algaecide differs from shock. Algaecide is used “after the fact” to get rid of algae. Shock is used preventatively to stop algae from growing. Both of them should be used regularly to help keep your pool clean and functional during the warm weather months.

Low Cost Service

If you want to take your labor and guesswork out of the maintenance equation, Pools of Fun offers a low cost winter shock at only $150 per service call. We will add both shock and algaecide to your pool to safely get you through the winter season. We will time our service trip based upon the weather; we want to avoid any periods when there is ice on your pool cover.

Contact us at Pools of Fun to schedule your winter shock treatment.

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