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Vinyl Pool New Style

Vinyl liner pools are built with reinforced steel or composite walls, a concrete floor, and a vinyl liner which is stretched over the walls and floor. Vinyl liner pools are highly customizable in shapes, depths, sizes, and appearance. Each liner is customized to your pool and, with a number of different liner styles, you can truly choose a pattern that speaks to you.

Since liner pools are completely customizable, we can build these in any shape, size, or depth.

Vinyl liner pools are also the most cost-effective pool to build and maintain. These pools are an excellent choice for climates that get below freezing, as they can expand and contract with the changing temperatures. On the flip side, vinyl liners can tear (not often, but drag a metal chair with feet across one and see what happens) and the liner will eventually have to be replaced. Also, vinyl liner pools can take longer than fiberglass pools as they are built on site where a fiberglass pool is a single “piece” that is lowered into the ground.

viny pool chart

Below are some examples of our most common liner pool configurations. These are simply examples. When building a liner pool, you are the architect.

Common Sizes

12’ X 28’
14’ X 32’
16’ X 36’
18’ X 40’
20’ X 44’

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