Questions to Ask Before Building a Pool

So, you’re building your very own inground swimming pool!  It’s something you have pondered for years.  It’s been one of your goals for those you love.  Relaxing by your very own swimming pool and enjoying family time for years to come is a dream come true for most families.

As with every major purchase, there are many considerations.  From neighborhood rules and regulations to building budget to care and maintenance – here’s a quick checklist of questions to ask yourself before you “dive-in” and build an inground swimming pool.

  • How will I use my pool?

Understanding how you will use your pool is key in determining the design and features of your pool. A pool designed for exercise may look very different than a pool designed for play would. Back Seating? Diving board? Tanning ledge? These will all impact the design of your pool. Also consider who will be using the pool. Small children or the elderly may need handrails or built-in steps.

  • Are there zoning issues or HOA requirements?

Some areas or HOAs may have restrictions or ordinances that do not allow inground pools. Check with you local planning commission (access online) and review any homeowner’s association regulations.

  • Is my yard suitable for pool construction?

Construction equipment needed to build the pool will need adequate access to your site, generally, at least a 10-foot wide path. Are there barriers like trees or slopes that will need to be considered? Removal of landscaping and trees, as well as the need for retaining walls will add to the cost of construction.

  • Am I prepared to properly care for a pool or hire someone for routine upkeep and maintenance?

A pool can be a beautiful and enjoyable addition to your home, but like any other investment, it requires regular maintenance to retain this beauty and value. Monitoring water quality, clearing skimmers and filters, vacuuming, washing covers and liners. These are just a few of the actions related to keeping a pool clean and healthy. Understand the costs and time associated with doing this yourself or the investment to hire a qualified service to do this for you.

  • What is my budget for a pool?

Budget is very important in your choice/type of pool (vinyl, fiberglass, gunite), design, and features. Some features like jets or other water features will need to be built into the pool. Other features like heaters can be added later. Know what needs to be included at the build versus what can be added later.

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