Questions to ask when searching for an inground swimming pool builder

As you begin your search for a pool builder, here are the most important questions every homeowner should asking themselves and their potential pool builder BEFORE making a decision.

1.) Will they be here next year to help me if something goes wrong? What about to honor that 5 year pro-rated warranty? To get your answer be sure to ask how long has the company been in business? This is very important. Remember, it is not how long they have been in the industry or building pools, but how long the company has been around. In recent years, many pool companies have come and gone. Choose one with some longevity.

2) Do they know what they are doing? This is when you can start asking your representative about their personal experience and expertise. Lots of us have “experience”, but experience in what? Choose a pool builder with experience building pools, not homes or landscapes.

3) What do their customers say? Get references and call them. Contact the Better Business Bureau. Do your homework.

4) Are they recognized by their peers? It is easy to say your the best, it is quite another to prove it. Choose a company that has been recognized through awards, honors and certifications by other organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, Trade, APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, Angie’s List, Aqua Magazine, and Pool and Spa News.

5) Will you be held responsible if your pool is not up to code? Is your pool builder asking your to pull your own swimming pool permit? No reputable pool builder will ever ask the homeowner to pull the building permit. Once you pull the permit, you take on all the responsibility of what goes on in and around your backyard during the construction process. Additionally, you are held responsible for any swimming pool building requirements that do not comply with state and local codes. Choose a pool company who will pull the permit for you. By doing so, they are the ones responsible to adhere to all zoning and code requirements and to carry the necessary insurance.

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