Shutting Down the Hot Tub for Winter

It’s a place of comfort, rejuvenation and relaxation for most families. Your hot tub is a stellar amenity to your home and contributes greatly to your quality of life. Proper “end-of-season” maintenance will help to ensure you will get to enjoy your hot tub for years to come.

While some households in Central Indiana make adjustments to their hot tub and continue to use them during the more frigid months, most tend to close them down for the season. Here are helpful steps to protect your spa from the cold and make sure it is in good working order come spring.

Drain and Flush.hot_tub_winterization

Power down. Make sure you completely flush and drain your hot tub. Any water left in the unit that is not circulating or heated will freeze.

Make sure the Air Blower is drained.

If your tub has an air blower, this needs to be drained as well. Turning your spa off and running the blower for about 30 seconds should remove all of the water from this system.

Remove all filters.

You may be able to re-use in the spring. Store in a dry place and re-inserted upon start-up or replace them with new filters. 

Loosen all plumbing fittings.

Allow any water remaining in the system to drain, including any water from valves or fittings. 

Blow the Jets.

Water can get trapped in the jet-plumbing system and damage your tub. The jets must be blown out to ensure no water remains in the tub. Have your wet-dry vacuum handy and use it to blow air through each jet.

Wipe and Clean the Tub.

Now that the hot tub is totally empty, dry any water that remains in the tub and give it a good scrubbing with a spa cleanser. This is the optimal time to make sure it’s in pristine condition before you close the cover on the season.

Cover Your Tub.

Make sure you have a durable and sturdy cover. Place your cover over your hot tub and lock it down for maximum protection. When spring arrives, you can refill your hot tub and begin enjoying it again – with minimal hassle!

Follow these simple steps to keep your hot tub investment safe and secure during the long winter months. If we can provide any additional advice, please don’t hesitate to call Pools of Fun at one of our 5 area retail locations.

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