Six Tips for Winterizing Your Inground Pool

It’s hard to believe that our summer is almost over and the time to winterize your inground pool is nearly here.   It felt like the warm days of summer would be endless – splashing and relaxing with your family in the sun.  Then, next thing you remember, it’s Labor Day weekend, back-to-school sales and meet-the-teacher nights.

So, as we say a fond farewell to Summer 2019, here are 6 Tips to keep in mind when prepping your pool for the winter ahead:

  1. Remove all accessories.  Check and double-check that a summer’s-worth of miscellaneous swimming accessories and pool maintenance supplies are collected, organized and stored somewhere…preferably, where you can find them next April.
  2. Clean the pool and check chemical levels. It makes a lot sense to give your pool a good scrubbing to get rid of all the dirt and scum that might have accumulated over the summer.  Be sure chemicals are fresh enough to keep the water balanced.
  3. Complete a winter shock four days prior to closing. This helps to ensure that any contaminates like algae or bacteria are destroyed and inactive.
  4. Backwash filter and clean with Strip-Kwik and Kleen It. Make sure you run the backwash for 1-3 minutes or until the water runs clear.
  5. Add a chlorine floater to keep the pool water sanitized through the winter. If you have never used one – the concept is simple; this device floats at the top of the water level or slightly submerged while slowly releasing chlorine into the swimming pool water. Over time, the solid chlorine dissolves into the water.
  6. Cover your pool. Remember – especially during harsher spells of Indiana winter weather, it’s a good idea to periodically inspect your cover for leaks, cracks or interrupted coverage. 

For detailed closing procedures, click here. To request a professional pool closing, click here.

Pools of Fun has all you need to ensure your pool is ready for spring. Bring in a water sample to any of our 5 locations. We can help you with any chemical needs to make your pool closing smooth. We have all the chemicals and accessories you will need – and, don’t forget to pick up a chlorine floater!

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