Tips for Using Chlorine Pool Floaters During the Winter Months

Floating chlorine dispensers, sometimes referred to as floaters or feeders, come in many forms but are used for the same basic purposes: to add chlorine to your pool’s water. These devices dispense a set amount of chemicals into your pool throughout the months when it’s closed and covered.

Reduce the Carbon Dioxidechlorine_pool_floater

Time-release winter pool floaters are key to removing carbon dioxide from the water thereby eliminating a primary food source for algae.

Here are some tips for using these handy gadgets when your pool is closed for the winter months:

1. Use the correct size tablet for your pool. For each 5,000 gallons of pool water, add one 3” chlorine tablet. Open the baffle or vent at the bottom of the device. The wider the openings, the greater the dissolution rate.

2. Place the unit in the water and submerge it until all the air is pushed out.

3. Allow the floater to naturally “pop” back up. Only the lower portion of the floater should remain in the water.

4. Ideally, use the tether or leash to tie the floater to the pool.

This is one of the easiest and simplest methods to get continuous winter water chlorination.

Keep in mind that the two variables available to you to control the concentration of chemicals from the floater are 1) the number of tablets you place in the device, and 2) how far open or closed the baffles or vents are. Consult your specific floater model direction for the most precise baffle opening recommendations.

Full Service or Do-It-Yourself

At Pools of Fun, we can help you close your pool right. Associates at any of our 5 Indianapolis area locations can answer questions about our Bioguard pool floaters and how to use them properly. Whether you want a professional seasonal closing or tools and advice to successfully do it yourself, we are here to make pool ownership as simple and safe as possible.

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