Winter Pool Maintenance Tips

Your backyard pool is a substantial investment that’s there to provide years of family fun and enjoyment. One of the more important long-term maintenance issues is “winter-care”. Taking proper care and seasonal preventative measures here in Indiana during the winter months can save hassle and expense next spring.

There are several steps you can take in the off season to ensure your pool will open clean and ready to jump in this Spring.

• On the last day of operation, add a mid-winter algaecide and run the pump for 24 hours. This will help keep the green stuff from taking hold when the weather starts to warm.

• When closing your pool, remember to check all pipes and motorized parts for water. Freezing can cause damage.

• Be sure your pool cover is free of any pooling water. Check your pool cover after a heavy rain or snow. Water and/or snow build-up can damage the pool cover. Remove excess water from the pool cover with a pump.

winter_maintenance_tipsFurther, to head-off any unexpected problems, follow these quick tips for pro-active pool care this winter:

Keep an eye on your pool. Periodically remove any debris above the pool cover and check under the cover to make sure no debris has breached the cover. Watch for any damage snow, ice or wind might do.

Monitor your water level. Occasionally make sure your pool’s water level is correctly topped off and that the algaecide is still working.

Periodically check your equipment. Keep an eye on anything that might be damaged by winter exposure. Check your pool pump, heater and exposed plumbing to make sure everything is secure.

With the investment of just a little time during the off-season, you can have a big and positive impact in reducing your labor when opening your pool next spring.

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