Fire Tables and Pots

Fire Tables and Pots from Bobé are the perfect accessories for entertaining guests outdoors. Coming in round, square or rectangular shapes, adding one of these hand-crafted heat and light sources to your backyard can really turn up the heat. Special-made with a patented Perfect Flame Burner, Bobé’s Fire Tables, and Pots provide outstanding visual effects that double the accent mark to your outdoor oasis.

Bobé Fire Tables and Pots are made with weather-resistant Corten Steel. Because it won’t rust, yours will look as luxurious as the day you bought it for many years.

With your new Bobé Fire Table or Pot, you’ll never spend time gathering sticks or kindling start a fire. This safe heating option is simple to use, as you can either turn it on manually or with a remote control synced to the system. Plus you’ll avoid the stress of extinguishing your fire pit, as turning it off is easily achieved with the press of a button.

Bobé Fire Table and Pots give your backyard added elegance and a great atmosphere to let those summer nights last well into the later hours.

Tiki Torches

What better way to light the way to your pool than a Tiki Torch? Bobé offers a unique torch that exudes elegance and an island vibe while shooting out powerful, visually stimulating flames. Installing these in your backyard means you’ll play host to many gatherings on your pool deck.

The beauty of the Bobé Torches is the consistency of which the flames shoot out. Made with high-end materials, these automatic Tiki Torches shoot up flames at a consistent height and work at the press of a button. No longer are you stuck with the hassle of refilling your torch with oil, fiddling with a wick, or using a faulty lighter for ignition. Because these are hard-lined into your backyard, the flames shoot up with ease. Plus, turning them off is a breeze as well.

So illuminate your backyard with a set of Bobé Tiki Torches. Not only are they durable and reliable light sources, they also give your backyard a sophistication you’ll be dying to show off.

Fire and Water Tables

Fire and water are two classical elements on the opposite end of the spectrum. But with Bobé’s incredible Builder Series Fire and Water Pots, your pool will be outfitted with some very unique and customizable features that won’t appear in your neighbor’s garden-variety backyard.

Just like how water and fire are different, so is the stimulation of your senses. Imagine for a second a dark, quiet night. Your pool is still, and you’re looking to escape the worries of the previous day. By turning on a Bobé Water and Fire feature, water flows down into your pool. As you listen to the soothing sounds, you’re taken to your happy place. Next, with the touch of a second button, your beautiful backyard is illuminated with a peaceful flame that dances in the night. Many of our customers use their pool as a place to relax, and there is no better feature to add onto your pool than a Bobé Water and Fire bowl.

Outdoor Kitchens

Where we come from, hosting the perfect outdoor soiree — everything from a pool party to a cookout — entails indulging in food and beverage. So why miss out on the action to go inside and cook when we can bring the kitchen outside!

Pools of Fun will be able to provide our customers some of the most unique outdoor kitchens available. Paired together with a luxurious pool from Pools of Fun, you’re in business! Take a look and explore what we have to offer.

The advantages to cooking outdoors in the summertime are endless. You’ll skip on indoor cleanup, save on air conditioning bills (by not opening the doors), and entertain guests all while keeping an eye on your kids. There really is no better time than the quality time with loved ones. So do yourself a favor and consider installing an outdoor kitchen. It’s the next step in making your backyard the best on the block.


Basking next to your beautiful pool from Pools of Fun is the best way to spend your hot summer days. But sometimes you need a little break from the heat! If you don’t have a porch and don’t feel like heading in for the afternoon, what better way to shield the rays than with the help of an umbrella?

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