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Top 50 Pool BuilderFrom custom designed, luxury free-form pools to standard lap pools, we offer a wide range of Inground Pool shapes, designs, and styles to fit a variety of backyards and budgets. Because we offer every type of construction, you’ll never feel pressured to go with a pool that doesn’t fit your needs. Our award winning design consultants will meet with you in your home, view the site, listen to your ideas, and help you pick the inground option that best suits your lifestyle and vision.

Let us show you why after 38 years and over 5,000 Pools we are the Largest Pool Builder in Indiana!

Dream Big

Image–PoolsOfFun-ZionsvillePool-3-FNLStudies have shown when swimming pools appear in a dream, the dreamer is exploring their unconscious, seeking more personal appreciation and wishing to eliminate negative energy in their lives. So if you fall asleep dreaming of swimming pools or catch yourself staring into a vacant space in your backyard thinking, “something’s missing” then it’s time to take action.

Contact us at Pools of Fun to get the plans in motion to transform your backyard from bland to beautiful. We’ve been Indiana’s number one pool builder for decades, having made thousands of homeowners’ dreams come true by installing incredible inground pools of all shapes and sizes. We have vast experience working with people just like you who’ve conceptualized a better backyard, and our high-quality pools and accessories are just what the doctor ordered.

So take that empty space in your backyard and visualize a vibrant area, filled with all your friends and neighbors. The sound of kids having fun in your new pool, long summer days with the sun shining down -- all of this is much more than a mirage, and it’s easier than you think!

Turn Your Dream into a Design

IMG_1608 (1)Now you’ve made the life-changing decision to build your pool, the time has come to pick out exactly what you want. So what’s next? Similar to building a house, once you finish the blueprints it’s time to start focusing on the design. Finding the perfect finish items such as handrails, steps and jets can turn your pool from old and basic to new and luxurious.

Many pool companies will send a salesperson to your home to go through catalogues of products and accessories for you to choose. Or they might have you spend the day driving around town looking at projects under construction to see them in person.

At Pools of Fun, we strongly disagree with that tactic. You wouldn’t look at a catalogue to see which color of leather looks good on a car, would you? You’d head to the dealership to see how it looks.

That’s why we provide a state of the art Design Center at our Plainfield location to allow you to explore your pool in 3-D -- not in a magazine! We emphasize the importance using your senses to experience what you’re getting. We want you to see options for LED lights, hear the water jets and grip the handrail.

All of our products are in stock and at your disposal, so you can make the right decision for your pool. Ordering a part from a catalogue and replacing it is expensive and annoying. By letting you experience options first hand, we get it right the first time.

CAD System

A feature unique to Pools of Fun is our CAD system. Our team is able to draw out your plans in CAD and print them in 3-D, so you’ll be able to see what your pool will look like in your backyard before you leave the store. We’re also able to tweak and play around with different options and let you see them as well.

Because most of our customers have never purchased a pool before, our designers are able to help you pick exactly what you want. The selection process begins with liners.


  • Fiberglass -- Constructed as a one-piece shell (similar to your bathtub), a fiberglass pool is factory-shipped to your home. These liners require less maintenance than vinyl, and you don’t need to replace them as often. Fiberglass liners also lend themselves to interesting designs, and unique shapes and benches.
  • Vinyl -- Vinyl pool liners are the most economical option. They are built for Midwest weather and have very customizable patterns that are easy to change every couple years. With advancements in technology, vinyl pool covers are very free forming and highly customizable for options like benches and steps. You can basically take a pen and paper and draw your pool, and we’ll build it! They are just like concrete pools, but far less expensive to repair or replace. They tend to last around ten years before replacing.


Once we figure out what type of pool you desire, we’ll figure out the design options. These accessories include:

Handrails -- By simply changing your handrails, you can go from a standard looking pool to a luxurious one in a snap. We’ll be able to show you designer-quality handrails so you can compare to standard. You’ll quickly notice that one is elegant and the other basic. You’ll get your choice between many color or metal finish options, as well.

Water Features – Features include crown jets, laminar jets, periscopes, bubblers, tanning ledges, and color options. At our Design Center, you get to experience what these features can really do. It’s not the most common vision, but many of our customers think of their pool as a work of art in their backyard. The difference between crown and stream jets can make a whirl of difference. Sound is also very therapeutic, so we offer certain features for those trying to use their backyard to escape by adding incredible ambience.

Connecting you with your pool before we begin construction will help you feel in control of the process and confident that you’ve made the right choice!

Just Swim and Relax

Image–PoolsOfFun-BrownsburgPool-4-FNLNow that Pools of Fun has helped you dream, design, and construct a pool from your wildest imagination, you’re finally able to take your first well-deserved cannonball as a pool owner. Having a pool in your backyard is quite the accomplishment and something you’ll be proud for as long as you own your home.

But just owning a pool isn’t good enough. Make sure you’re squeezing everything you can out of that new backyard centerpiece by inviting everyone you know over to experience it. By investing in a pool from Pools of Fun, you’re transforming your backyard into the place to be on your block. Neighbors, friends, distant relatives -- everyone and their mothers are going want to be a part of the party. Plus your kids now have the backyard where their friends want to be -- not the other way around.

But not only do you have a pool, you have a Pools of Fun pool. As the number one pool company in Indiana, we see more volume than anyone else. We take that as a sign that our customers trust us to make their backyards beautiful. Here’s what they had to say about our Pools:

Here’s what they had to say about our Pools:

"Great attentionn to detail, especially when working other companies on site. VERY easy to work with!" - C. Gerner

"Great experience with our superintendent and all the Pools of Fun crew! We would highly recommend this company to our friends and family!" The Nickel Family

"Outstanding Experience. Our superintendent was exceptional throughout the entire process. The design consultant and office staff were outstanding as well. We look forward to referring Pools of Fun" The Eastburn Family

"Wonderful experience, went faster than we thought. Everyone was great throughout the process. Everything someone said they would do was done and done quickly" The Hassinger Family


We provide everything you need for a great backyard shindig, including firepits, grills, and pool accessories all located at our five convenient locations around Indianapolis. So when you’re ready to make your pool dreams a reality, stop on in today!

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