4 Games for Kids to Make the Most Out of Pool Time

The swimming pool can become a mainstay of childhood. Summers spent frolicking in the pool to keep cool will create fond memories and can even help develop abilities later in life. Keep your kids entertained in your pool with safe, fun games for all age ranges. Try these four ideas before it gets too cold to swim!

Shark and Minnowsdiving

In this game, one child is the shark and the others are the minnows. The “shark” stands in the middle of the pool. The “minnows” stand on one end of the pool, out of the water. When the shark yells, “Go!” the minnows jump in the pool and try to cross to the other side without the shark tagging them. If the shark tags a minnow, the minnow is out. Another variation is to keep the minnows trying to get past the shark until all but one minnow remains – the winner.

What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?

This pool game involves one kid who plays “Mr. Fox.” Mr. Fox stands at one end of the pool, while the other kids stand at the other end. The group of kids yells, “What time is it, Mr. Fox?” Mr. Fox will pick a time, and the other kids must move forward a corresponding number of steps. For example, one o’clock means one step. At any time during the game, Mr. Fox can yell, “Lunchtime!” The other kids must try to get back to where they started while Mr. Fox gets the chance to tag someone. The kid tagged becomes the new Mr. Fox.

Earn Your Allowance

This game is more appropriate for older kids who want to practice their diving skills. It is also most appropriate for at-home pools, not public pools where other children may try to snatch the coins. Simply toss loose change into the pool, spreading the coins around to make the task more difficult. A child can play alone, simply diving down to collect the change as if hunting for treasure. More than one child can play and compete – whoever gets the most coins, wins!

Invisible Bottle

Clean out a clear, two-liter bottle. One that has a white cap or one with the same color as your pool’s bottom works best. Fill the bottle with pool water, put the cap on, and ask the kids to line up on the pool deck (backs facing the water). Nobody looks as you toss the bottle somewhere in the pool. When they hear the bottle splash, they can turn around, jump in, and try to find it. The bottle becomes almost “invisible” in the water, making this a fun challenge.

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